Discover: Night Forms: Klip Collective’s dreamloop transforms the landscape of Grounds for Sculpture

HAMILTON, NJ (WPVI) – For 30 years, Grounds for Sculpture has impressed visitors to Hamilton, New Jersey, with approximately 300 outdoor sculptures.

Now you can experience the park in a whole new way.

A special exhibit titled Night Forms: dreamloop by Klip Collective transforms the 42-acre landscape of Grounds for Sculpture.

“Through a dozen site-specific installations using light, sound and video projection,” says Faith McClellan, director of collections and exhibitions at Grounds for Sculpture.

It is an immersive multisensory exhibition.

“A dreamlike experience. It’s very surreal,” says Ricardo Rivera, founder and creative director of Klip Collective.

And it offers the option to explore the winter grounds after hours.

“This is really the first time we’ve done anything to activate the grounds at night. We really wanted to reverse the script,” says McClellan.

The visuals are all choreographed to original sounds and music.

“Kind of creating that weird, beautiful, dystopian, illuminated vibe,” says Rivera.

“Each of the installations creates an opportunity to engage viewers with our art and horticultural collections,” said McClellan.

Rivera is the mastermind behind Klip Collective.

“Klip started in 2003,” says Rivera, “You might have seen our work at Town Hall while on vacation.”

He uses what he calls Projection Mapping to create the magic.

“Projecting pixels onto an object or a space,” says Rivera.

The dreamloop project was planned before the pandemic.

“Then obviously the pandemic happened. And everyone cried, I cried,” says Rivera.

He unveils the field sculptures that inspired his creations.

“Frog Head Rainbow, we threw the statues in the back and they project rainbows,” says Rivera.

The sounds of the frogs were recorded on site.

“Very whimsical, very fun, very colorful,” says Rivera, “some are pure light and very meditative.”

“Along our Maple Driveway, really amplify the architectural look,” says McClellan.

“Some are kind of shows, the Glitch is very intense,” adds Rivera.

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Sculpture patterns
80 Sculptors Way, Hamilton, New Jersey 08619
On display until February 27, 2022 | from thursday to sunday

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