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Domiciling your company is a must not neglect for the latter to be officially recognized. Depending on the type of business, however, it is advisable to choose the best solution of domiciliation that is. Discover in a few points what is essential for the smooth running of your activities.

The different types of business domiciliation

The different types of business domiciliation

The domiciliation of company allows the company concerned to have an address serving as its head office thus facilitating its activity . In addition to receiving mail, the newly created company will be able to receive its customers and other partners.

The option most incurred by companies is undoubtedly the commercial domiciliation. The latter offered by an intermediary allows the company to enjoy the prestige of the address and services often offered in addition to the telephone reception or the granting of a post office box.

For companies that do not need a significant area in the course of their business, the incubator is a solution that saves on rent. Indeed, being a group of several companies, it reduces costs by taking advantage of additional services.

Finally, the domiciliation at the address of the head of the company is possible in the case where the latter is an independent contractor or in the case of a company, in the domicile of its director exclusively. For the latter option, the domiciliation can only last 5 years and the address will then have to be modified.

What is the budget for a business domiciliation?

What is the budget for a business domiciliation?

The cost of a business domiciliation varies according to several factors. Indeed, the location of the headquarters, the solution of domiciliation chosen, the fame, the additional services proposed are all reasons which can make climb the invoice.

What you need to remember is that your budget will vary between twenty euros to more than 200 euros per month for a commercial domiciliation or about 400 to 600 euros in case you opt for an incubator space. To know the price of your domiciliation of company , do not hesitate to ask a quotation on measure.

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